Come Sit Down and Make Yourself at Home!

Well, hello there!

Pull up a chair and let's talk. There's something on our minds - and we'll bet it's on your mind, too.

Yes, that's right - our families' health.

If you landed here at Mother Sheep Organics, you almost certainly have children (or grandkids, or nieces and nephews, or a good friend's child) whose health you care about.

You know there's more you could be doing to keep your kids safe and healthy. But what? The information out there is so conflicting. What's good? What's bad? What works? What are the hidden dangers in food, bedding, and in and around your house you may be overlooking?

Of course, that's the negative side of looking at things. In a more positive light, there's plenty you can do to keep your children happy and give them - and you - a wonderful experience of these once-in-a-lifetime, younger years. And it only takes small changes to add up to a big difference for your family - and to make these the best years of your, and their, lives.

You'll never be the perfect parent. (Goodness knows we aren't.) But with a few tools and tricks (as well as some rock-solid resources), you can discover what's best for your family. And that's our goal here at Mother Sheep Organics. We aim to help you discover better and healthier ways of eating, sleeping, relaxing, celebrating and playing, while keeping things enjoyable and creative for all of you, no matter what your family situation is.

So come along with us on this fascinating and always rewarding journey of being a parent, grandparent or guardian, and living and loving life to the very fullest.

From our households to yours, thanks for reading, and we look forward to getting to "know" you - please feel free to contact us with questions, tips of your own, or just to let us know what you think of our blog and our products.

Good health to you,

Kevin and Chris