Thanks for purchasing your Mother Sheep Organics product!

We hope you love your pillow as much as our family! It's been six year since we replaced all the toxins in our home and our first child slept on his first organic pillow. Our mission is to provide the same safe environment for your children and your home. We strongly believe it's the best certified organic pillows you will find on the market.

Your child sleeps 10 to 12 hours a day. Our toddler organic pillows are safe, comfortable and toxin-free, and you can relax knowing that your child is not breathing any chemicals or toxins while they sleep.

The average adults spends one third of every day sleeping and breathing on their pillows. You deserve to breathe clean air while your body recuperates from the stress of the day. Our adult size pillows provide comfort for the rest of the family.

All our products are backed by a 3-Year Warranty, and a 30-day 'no questions asked' money-back return guarantee. We are confident you and your family will LOVE our pillows!

Please download our care guide on cleaning instructions.

We would love to hear your thoughts! If you have any questions or concerns about your pillow, please be sure to visit our FAQs page or contact us.

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