Our 5 FAVORITE Awesome Organic Baby Clothes Brands

Oh, you beautiful baby!

Of course we know your baby is gorgeous. (So is mine, by the way!) But we also know beauty is more than skin deep. What we put inside ourselves counts. So does what we wear on the outside.

If you're raising your child in as natural a way as possible, you'll want to dress your baby at her healthiest. But let's face it, she's such a cute little thing that we'll want her to be in her prettiest, too.

Do these opposites co-exist? Sure they do! In fact, here are FIVE great organic baby clothing brands to prove it. Enjoy!

1. Boody Baby

Boody Baby is a subcategory of Boodywear.com. The line is primarily composed of organic bamboo, which has naturally anti-bacterial properties. It is on the reasonably priced end of the scale (usually $15-35/piece/set). The choices are soft-looking, soft-feeling and have a cute, kitschy-baby feel. Shop here.

2. Penguin Organics

You'll pay a bit more with this company, but their motive is solid: they aim to help children's overall development via creating a healthy environment, including clothing. Clothing is 100% GOTS-certified cotton. Penguin Organics supports Fair Trade. Shop here.

3. Mini Mioche

TDF selections, midrange pricing. Mini Mioche has THE most adorable apparel, swaddle blankets and slippers. The company is a Canadian supplier that uses neutral non-toxic dyes and ultra-soft, organic cotton. The look is as lovely as the feel of this brand. Also includes older child choices, as well as skin care. Shop here.

4. Under the Nile

Love Egyptian cotton? So do we - and we'll bet your baby will, too. Under the Nile price points at anywhere from $6-28. The company also makes adorable, organic, soft toys for Baby (or Toddler) to play with. Sweet AND affordable AND natural, what's not to love? Shop here.

5. The Spunky Stork

This independently-owned company manually screen presses images onto its clothing line. Fun, funky, original and often humorous images and commentary will make your little one really stand out. The company uses GOTS-certified cotton from India and reinvests profits into the local community. Shop here.