Extra Wool Stuffing for Adult Pillows

All adult wool pillows come with a zipper, where you can add or remove extra wool filling.

Need more filling? We have gallon bags of organic wool available for purchase (50 grams each). Each bag will be compacted and air removed to maintain freshness and save on shipping expenses.

Wool stuffing can be messy, so when opening the zipper, please use a newspaper underneath. When adding stuffing, shake the pillow around to create an even distribution.

There may be soil or wood particles in the filling, and it may have a "sheep" smell from the natural lanolin oil. This is normal, as the wool has only been washed in a clean hot water bath - no industrial processes or chemicals have been used.

When finished, zip your adult pillow shut, brush off any excess wool batting, and place the cover back on. Store any unused wool fill in a cool, dry area in the sealed bag. 

THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ADULT WOOL PILLOWS. Due to safety issues, toddler wool pillows do not have a zipper for wool filling access.

Type: Pillow

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