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In the meantime, check out what our customers have to say about our organic toddler pillows!

"I did a fair deal of looking around for truly natural pillows for my toddler and decided on this because wool is hypoallergenic and doesn't collect dust mites like cotton filled pillows. There is a slight earthy smell for the first couple days but it's by no means offensive or overwhelming. My daughter didn't even notice it.

We've had this pillow for at least 6 months and my daughter loves it. This pillow will definitely work for kids between 1-6 yrs old."

--By J. Tyler

"I bought two of these pillows for my 2 year old, one for home and one preschool after I noticed he started using his stuffed animals as pillows. He says he loves the pillows and that they are comfortable. I love that he is sleeping on something that I know is safe for him. The pillow is the perfect size and is very high quality. The company has been very helpful with tips on using the pillow and how to keep it fresh. I have already recommended it to my friends."

--by M. Lockwood

"I like small pillows, so this is not for a toddler but for an adult and I really love it!! I don't like big pillows because I can't manipulate them like a small pillow. I have allergies too and I have had no reactions to this pillow, in fact, I'm sleeping like a baby! I had a foam travel pillow and it was awful. I loved the size but it took weeks to air out, etc etc. This pillow was so sweet right out of the bag. I have since washed the outer pillow case and made another small pillow case to cover that and it has soon become may favorite pillow. If you're an adult, trust me, you'll want this as your travel pillow and/or your everyday pillow!"

--by scm


The Mother Sheep Organics team